Orion Genomics’ Clinical Research and Service Division is centered around our CLIA-Certified clinical laboratory. This laboratory allows us to seamlessly move assays from our research lab to a clinical lab where they can be further developed and tested in a regulated environment. Our clinical services include custom moderate and high complexity assay design, development, and validation, as well as support of clinical trials.

Orion's Clinical Research and Service Division is also developing a new class of epigenetic diagnostic products to identify patients at risk of developing cancer, and to aid physicians in therapy selection decisions.

Unlike other diagnostics products that associate specific DNA mutations with disease, Orion Genomics is developing diagnostic products to take advantage of epigenetic research. This research shows that changes in DNA methylation are far more prevalent than DNA mutations, are associated with age, and are strongly linked to the presence and progression of age-related diseases like cancer. Our pipeline of DNA methylation-based molecular diagnostic kits is being designed to quantitatively measure changes in DNA methylation that may provide not only important information about the presence of cancer and its progression, but may also provide doctors with information which may help them choose the best treatment options. We are researching various types of cancers with a current emphasis on colorectal cancer risk stratification

Learn more about our colorectal cancer risk test here.